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Our Individual Supporters

Individual Donors

The following list of individuals represents Remy Bumppo Theatre Company's contributors from February 1, 2017 through February 18, 2018.
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($50,000 & above)

Brenda and James Grusecki/The Grusecki Family Foundation

($25,000 - $49,999)

Geoffrey A. Anderson

Nancy and Gene DeSombre

($10,000 - $24,999)

Anonymous (2)

Joan and Mike Callahan

Mary and Bruce Feay

Dana Green and Thomas Clancy

Martin Treu



($5,000 - $9,999)

($2,500 - $4,999)


Julie Danis and Paul Donohue

Mary and Bob DeCresce

Judy Friedman

Shelley Gorson and Alan Salpeter

Janet and Robert Helman

Judy Johanson

Beverly Berneman Lieberman and Doug Lieberman

Nancy A. McDaniel

Mary and Michael Pavia

Karen Randolph and William Linden

Marilyn and Joel Schaffer

Kate Feinstein and Richard Skolly

David and Susan Weidenfeld

Ronald Weslow


Terri Abruzzo Callahan and Dave Callahan

Pauline and John Adams

April and Jeff Armstrong

Martha Van Haitsma and Gustavo Bamberger

M.J. Black and Mr. Clancy

Joanna Cohen

Genevieve M. Daniels and Anis Aywaz

Diane M. Falk

Carrie and Duncan Healy

Roberta and Bob Lee

Charles and Frances Licht

Jane Ellen Murray and Ed Wentz

Karen and Jim Prieur

David Scherer and Rose Lizarraga

Karen and Frank Schneider

Lynne and George Simon


($1,000 - $2,499)

Anonymous (3)

Sally and Vince Anderson

Leigh and Henry Bienen

Steve and Jana Bohnen

Suzan Bramson and Chuck Brooks

Deborah B. Braxton

Dennis and Vivian Callanan

Isabel and Robert Curley

Tony Dillon

Mary Egleston

William Fleig

Judy and Mike Garber

Arlene and Camillo Ghiron

Leila Green

Phyllis and Chester Handelman

Dorothy G. Harza

Michael and Mona Heath

Brenda Ashley and Gary Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Kathleen T. Jordan

Averill and Bernard Leviton

Corinne Marrinan



Ernst Melchior

Laura Milani

Lois and Robert Moeller

Ann B. and Jay Mommsen

Drina and Michael Nadler

Jean and Jordan Nerenberg

Dawn and John Palmer

Linda and Alan Pieczynski

Merril Prager and John Levine

David and Valeria Pruett

Missy and Steve Ravid

Susan and Gary Redeker

Michal and Mazin Safar

Linda Chen and Roy Schreiber

Donna and Ralph Schuler

Catherine Siegel

Debra Siegel and Robert Altman

Anne and Scott Springer

Anne and Bill Tobey

Bob and Mary Ann Tuerk

Carla Williams and Cheryl Mounts

Joseph Wolnski and Jane Christino

Joan and Karl Zeisler



JAMES THURBER ($500 - $999)


EDNA FERBER ($250 - $499)


Altair Advisors LLC

Sheila and James Amend

Andy and Richard Amend

Steve Baldwin

Annette Baldwin and Paul Kolasinski

Jill and Martin Baumgaertner

Bonnie Beck and Boyd McDowell

Leslie Berman

Zina Berman

Joyce Bottum

Hank Browne

Eugenia and Archibald Bryant

Jim and Lori Burns

Isabel Wong and Charles Capwell

Maurice and Margo Champagne

Judy M. Chernick

Richard Clark and Mary Munday

Betty Cleeland

Laura S. Cook

Kate and Geoff Cubitt

Sue Donoghue

Bonnie Duman and Stewart Schechter

Erika Erich

Sandra K. Fernbach and Eric J. Russell

Arthur L. Frank

Dale and David Ginsburg

Theresa Hannah

Troy Baresel and Joe Hartness

Sarah Helman

Melissa Hilton and Jonathan Perman

Janet and Brian Hoffman

Cynthia Jenner

Sharon and Herbert Kessel

Gordon and Carolyn Kirk

Corinne Lyon

Vicki and Steve Mann

Sarah Marino







Mary Ann and Dennis Marks

Janice Matz

Patricia McMillen and Sam Bader

Katherine McSpadden

Bob and Nina Meixner

Penny and Michael Mesic

Cornelia Miller

Marsha and Robert Mrtek

Susan Munro

Judy and Tom Muntz

Bruce Oltman and Bonnie McGrath

Margaret Pendry

Jean Perkins and Leland Hutchinson

James Perry and Robert Horton

Marina Phelps

Jennifer Pope and Rekesh Madhava

Catherine Randolph

James Rinnert and Brent Fisher

Janice Rodgers

Dr. Robert Henry and Sheila Ryan-Henry

Patrice Egleston and Nick Sandys

Victoria and Donald Scott

Judith and David Sensibar

Christine and Paul Singer

Terrance Stevenson

Catherine Stewart and Geoff Smith

Nan and Bill Sullivan

Barbara and Randy Thomas

Linda Tomchuck

David J. Varnerin

Clark and Joan Wagner

Cynthia and Ben Weese

Barbara and Dave Westerman

Iris Witkowsky

Dean Yannias




Anonymous (5)

Jeff Arena

Steve Armstrong and Carol Kriekard

Thomas Baltz

Larry Bennett

Emily and Benjamin Berk

Delma and Tom Birbilis

Rich Carlson and Cristina Benitez

Kay Christ and Don Tomei

Shelagh Cofer

Jim Coffou

Kristin Patton and John Coleman

Caroline Cracraft

Conway and Elinor Dahmer

Roxanne Decyk and Lew Watts

Marcia Devlin

Mary Joyce and Sam DiCola

Jeananne Digan and Chris Doherty

Barbara and Michael Dolan

Ingrid and Rich Dubberke

Gayle Dunn

Carol Eastin

Un Sil Hwang and Stephen Esko

Susan G. Feibus

Len and Carla Feinkind

Marilyn and Larry Fields

Maxine and Daniel Frankel

Patricia and Melvin Gerbie

Gary and Carol Gerson

Peggy and Perry Goldberg

Julie and Robert Gordon

Ann and Jerold Graff

Mary Lou Haddad and Sam Perry

Melanie and Robert Halvorson

Cynthia Hardie

Irene and Dan Hayes

Kathleen Heffernan

Linn Henderson

Eileen Howard and Marshall Weinberg

Ellen Hunt and Charles White

Allison Johnson

Georgia Kallegeros-Zeigler and Galen Zeigler

Nina Weiss and Evan Kane

Ed and Jane Kantowicz

Claudia Katz

Joy Kalligeros and Donald Klappauff

Julie Koerner


Mr. and Mrs. David Kovacs

Jan Bowers and Will Linder

Chuck Marien and Gaby Kuhn

William Mason

Pamela B. McCabe

Scott Brown and Steven Montner

Margaret and Stephen Navolio

Charlotte Newfeld

Nick Obis

Ruth O'Brien and Stuart Rice

Larry and Barbara Olin

Claire and Andy O’Neill

Elizabeth Roob Ireland and Barney Ireland

Scottie Perry

Mrs. Mary Jane Peterson

Edwin and Susan Ritts

Nancy Robinson

Helen and Harry Roper

Hal and Lois Rose


Donna Zahara and Larry Sachs

Peter Sagal

Barbara Scheuring

Beth Schneider and Christian Fredrickson

Neill and Janet Shanahan

Suzanna Shaw Lyons

Brian and Melissa Sherman

Sandy Shinner and Jerry Wilson

The Honorable John B. Simon and Mrs. Millie Rosenbloom

Joanne and Jeff Slepian

Allen R. Smart

Mary Pat Studdert

Charles A. Tausche

Linda and Bruce Titus

Thomas and Gregoria Vega-Byrnes

Dona Vitale

Nancy Watrous and Steve Journey

Susan and David Westby

Sue Westerhold

Maureen Wilbrandt

Brenda and David Wood

Dennis Zacek and Marcie McVay

Silvia Frajberg and Mario Zaritzky

Barbara Zepaltas

David and Suzanne Zesmer


FRANKLIN P. ADAMS ($100 - $249)

Anonymous (7)

Phyllis and Leonard Adams

K. Stephen and Sally Anderson

Dennis Anderson

Annabel Armour and Art Fox

Peggy Bagley and Rabbi Douglas Goldhamer

Cherie Balan and Jeff Kraus

Laurie Bedrow

Jacqueline Bergen

Arta and Adrian Beverly

Helaine A. Billings

Nancy Bishop

Carol Black

Jerry Bloom

John and Claudia Boatright

Aldridge Bousfield

Sue and Bob Bowker

Debra Boyce

Scott Brickwood

Janet Brookman

Norbert and JoAnn Budde

Judi and Tom Burnison

Linda Buyer

Vicki and Lou Caravelli

Maria Carrig

Amrita Chari

Peggy and Tom Clune

Morton Coburn

Margery and Robert Coen

Carol Conboy

Sharon Conway

Deborah Darr and Kevin Shanley

Caryll Dillon

J.P. Douville

Irwin Drobny

Nancy and Daniel Durbin

Kevin Earll

David Easterbrook and Richard Bough

Susan Eggebrecht

Mary English and Ellen Wildman

Monique and Dale Eriksen

Dawn V. Eskridge

Marilyn and Dale Fitschen

Nancy K. Frankenberry







Ronda Franks

Lynne Friedlander

Sally and Dennis Frostic

Joanne and Robert Gannett

Doris Gilbert

Stuart Gilman

Rosemary and Carl Gilmore

James Goeser

Ethel Gofen

Susan Gohl

Deidra Gold

Cynthia and James Goldstone

Sally and Ralph Goren

Suzanne Gossett

Susan and Peter Gray

Martin Grochala and Fred Reuland

Robert S. Guenther

Roberta Heiman

Sarah Warner and Jason Hein

Ginny and Thomas Helm

Jack and Sandra Herman

Ellen Hildner

Mary Anne Hoey

Tim and Amy Hohulin

John Holland

Janice Holling

Donald Honchell and Susan Horn

Luanne and James Humphries

Barbara Ifshin

Elizabeth and Barney Ireland

Peter and Judith Jackson

Paula Jaudes

Susan Julian

Matthew J. Keller, Jr.

Connie and Dennis Keller

Jamil Khoury and Malik Gillani

Rita Kisielius

John and Jill Klingenstein

David Knezz

Joan and Richard Kohn

Susan Korn

Jeffrey Kramer and Jan Kuhn

Lorraine A. Kulpa

Anne Ladky and Karen Fishman

Jeanne LaDuke

Barbara Lanctot









Linda Legner and James Hochman

Christine and Joel Lehmann

Kenneth Leone and Suzanne Reid

Joyce and Jules Lerner

Mr. Robert Lerner

Fran and Mark Levy

Fred and Jeanne Lewin

Roselind Lindau

Virginia and William Lloyd

Melvin Loeb

Phillip Lundberg

Craig and Jan Mahlstedt

Christopher Manning

Jennifer Marling

Lynda McKay

Robert and Sandra McNamara

Peter and Joanne Katsaros

Laurie and Martin Merel

Bobbi and Terry Michaels

Jim Miller

Priscilla Mims

Diane and Howard Mocerf

Mary Jo and Jim Nathan

Skip and Rhonda Newman

Judith Nilles

Mila Novak

Joan Novick

Christina O'Connell

Libby O'Neill and Dax de la Monta

Mr. Nicholas Patricca

Wally Petersen and Michael Tischleder

Susan Peterson and Tom Gindorff

Angela and Charlie Platt

Walter J. Podrazik

Dennis Porter

Marion and Richard Prins

Jerry Proffit

Barbara Provus and Fred Wackerle

Moira Pujols

Alan Pulaski

Linda R. Reifschneider

Mary Reistetter

Paula Richardson



Marcia Dobson and John Riker

James E. Rocks

Robert and Helga Rothweiler

Judith Sagan

Sue Schmitz

Miriam B. Scott

Bronna Wasserman and Kenneth Seeskin

Crystal and Charles Sexton

Sandra Shane-DuBow

Jane and Sal Sidoti

Lucy Smith-Conroy

Marlene Spicuzza

Kitty Loewy and Terry Steczo

Robert and Branka Steinbaugh

C. Gardnar and Janis Stevens

Carole Sullivan and Jan Lavacek

Diane Telgen

Otto and Inge Teske

Meg Thalken and Gary Baugh

Leon and Marci Titus

Richard Traut

Elinor Turbov and David Stockwell

Betty-Ann Vishny

Suzanne Wagner

Angela Washelesky

Andrea and Doug Waterhouse

Roberta and Bill Weinsheimer

Dennis and Anne Wentz

Mary and Dave Wessel

Tilly Wilhoite

Barbara Wing

Mary and Dennis Wolter

Kate and Dean Yannias

Beverly Yusim

Lee Zausner

Stuart W. Zisook

Sharee Zlatkova and Ivan Zlatkov






FRIENDS (up to $99)

Anonymous (3)

Judy Abelson

Janice Abrohams

Jean Adams

John Adams

Karen Arentsen

Karen Arnold

Susan Aurinko

Enid Baron

William Barrett

Susan and Alan Becker

Robert and Rae Benjamin

Robert Berger

Marsha Beste

Julie Biehl and Bruce Boyer

Jean Birbilis

Britta Bolin

Sheila Barton-Bosron and William Bosron

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bremer

Cynthia Breunlin

Karen M. Brown

Larry M. Brown

Cristen Brutzkus

Bonita Bryant

Marcia Burns

Janet Burroway

Stephanie Butler

James L. Cainkar

Karen A. Callaway

Robert and Jane Calvin

Peter Carroll

Lonnie Carter

Victor Cassidy

Karen and Stanley Cielec

Michael Cleavenger

Rachel and Tim Combs

Pam and Peter Comfort

Joyce Cook

Kelly Cooper

Tim Cross

John and Sharon Crowell

Linda L. Cunningham

Adrianne Cury

Lorrine and Nick D'Asta

Peter A. Davis







Nancy DeDakis and Chris Newman

Barbara Delbene

Sandra Diliberto

Dorothy Dipple

Nanette and Joseph Doorley

Diane Dorsey and Daniel Goldring

Jane A. and Meghan Doyle

Mary Ellen Druyan and John Podliska

Doug Dvorak

Barbara Epley

Grace and Thomas Ewert

Margot and Ed Fenech

J.V. Figueredo

Bernadette Foley

Verna and Stephen Foster

Martin Friedman

Adele Friedman and Stuart Kisilinsky

Jacqueline Fucilla

Minita Gandhi

Maureen and Joseph Garro

Paul Edward Geiger

Mike Gillani

Sharon Hodson

Janice Gintzler

Marilyn Glazer

Patricia Gleason

Varda and Joel Goldman

Douglas Gorman

Darla Goudeau

Jim and Phyllis Griffith

Christopher Hallett

Tracy Healy and Gregory Beard

Doris A. Hebel

Deborah Heinze

Joel and Sherry Hellenkamp

Rev. James Heneghan

Judy and Jay Heyman

Brent A. Hoffmann

Agnès Hofman

Susan P. Holliday

Mike and Pat Huth

Kevin Illia

Britt S. Jacobsen

Annika Jaspers

Kathryn and Bruce Johnson

Tom Joyner

Marian Kaderbek

Ruth and David Kahn






Al Khalfan

Phyllis and Len Kipnis

Robert and Claudia Kottwitz

Ann Kroll

Alma and Raymond Kuby

Stephanie Kulke

Margaret Kustermann

Susan Lane

Victoria Lautman

Paul LeFort

Margaret Legel

Linda Levine and Mark Heyrman

Mary and Charles Lofgren

Sherry and Mel Lopata

Alexander Macnab

Paula and Albert Madansky

Molly Malek

Sheila and Jack Marks

Linda Martin

Doretta Marwin

Peter Mazzenga

Anthony Mazzenga

Bridget McDonough

Vickie and Pat McGillivray

Ellen McGrew

Jana McIlroy

Mary Lou McMahon

Sarah Miller

Dorothy Milne

Barbara Molotsky

Evemarie Moore

Sharyn and David Moriguchi

Janice Mouton

Loretta and John Murphy

Maribeth and Richard Murphy

Eileen Murray

Choudhri Naim

Ted and Angie Naron

Maggie Naylor

Virginia Nemmers

Lois Neustadt

Mackenzie Nilsen

Carolyn and Donald Novak

Ellen Oberman

Tom and Jacquie O'Brien

Lisa Walker and Timothy O'Brien

Marilyn Oorbeck

Ginger Ostro

Anne-Marie and Richard O'Toole

Janel Palm





Mary Ann and Kevin Parks

Rick Pavia

Susan Payne

Laura and Howard Perlow

Nick Petros

Marianne Phelan

Penelope Pilarczyk

Lisa Pildes

Karen and Dominick Pizoli

Wendy and Jeff Puglielli

Clive Richards

Mary Anne Rogers

Dr. David and Kara Rohlf

John and Mary Rourke

Paul and Angela Rowe

Lisa Ryan

Connie Sabin

Lynne and Neil Samuels

Elizabeth Santiago

Roberta Saper

Kathryn Sapoznick

Ruth Schaefer

Dorothy Scheff

Hedwig Schellbach

Matthew Scothorn

Joan Sheehy

Karen and Paul Shively

Lois and Seymour Siegel

Ann Sievers

Marty Silverman

Neil and Elaine Smith

Sari Smith

Christine Smith

Justin Sondak

William Spears

Christine Steyer

Karl Sullivan

Roy Sunondo

Wendy Taeuber

Judy and Jerry Tatar

Phyllis and John Tate

Judith B. Thomas

Carolyn Titus

Margaret Tomaszek Witry

Elisa Trigalo

Pat and Kim Uding

Victoria Ursitti

Jon Van Dusseldorp

Cynthia Van Swearingen

Ken and Linda Vander Weele

Maria Wagner

Joan and Howard Warady

Edward W. Wavak

Glen and Abby Weisberg

Laurie and Jay Weissler

Ellen Willett

Nancy Woollard

Anne Wrider

Dorothy Zahora

Carol Zimmerman



The following donors made contributions in honor or memory of a friend or loved one between February 1, 2017 and February 15, 2018. We regret that, due to space limitations, we can only list tribute gifts of $100 or more.

In honor of Geoffrey A. Anderson

Nancy McDaniel


In honor of Sally Anderson

Anne Ladky and Karen Fishman


In honor of Annabel Armour

Joan and Richard Kohn


In honor of M.J. Black

Nancy Robinson


In memory of Gary Blumenshine

Barbara Provus and Fred Wackerle


In honor of Joan Callahan

Leslie Berman


In honor of Diane Falk and Greg Matthew Anderson

Carrie and Duncan Healy


In memory of Rosemary Fleig

William Fleig


In honor of Linda Gillum

Jeff Arena

Delma and Tom Birbilis

Suzanna Shaw Lyons

Brenda and David Wood


In honor of Brenda and James Grusecki

Altair Advisors LLC

Marilyn and Larry Fields

Shelley Gorson and Alan Salpeter

Melanie and Robert Halvorson

Janice Matz

Mrs. Mary Jane Peterson

Catherine Stewart and Geoff Smith

Bob and Mary Ann Tuerk


In honor of Beverly and Arnold Hollander

Mary and Bruce Feay


In memory of Marshall Matz

Suzan Bramson and Chuck Brooks


In honor of Nancy McDaniel

Anonymous (2)

Monique and Dale Eriksen

Connie and Dennis Keller

Linda R. Reifschneider

Karen and Frank Schneider

Dennis Zacek and Marcie McVay


In honor of Ann Mommsen


Nancy A. McDaniel


In honor of Michael Nadler

Bobbi and Terry Michaels


In memory of Peter Novick

Joan Novick


In honor of Mary Pavia

Robert and Sandra McNamara

Linda and Bruce Titus


In honor of Karen Randolph

Melanie and Robert Halvorson


In honor of Remy Bumppo’s Core Ensemble

Zina Berman


In honor of Nick Sandys

Caroline Cracraft


In honor of Frank Sherman

Susan Korn


In memory of Gretchen Shoop

Martin Treu


In honor of Kate Feinstein and Richard Skolly

Peggy and Perry Goldberg

Sally and Ralph Goren

In honor of Eliza Stoughton

Stephen Johnson


In honor of Clark L. Wagner

Suzanne Wagner



Special Thanks

Jeff Armstrong; Beverly Berneman Lieberman; M.J. Black; James Bohnen; Joan Callahan; Joanna Cohen; Laura S. Cook; Patrice Egleston; Diane M. Falk; Brenda Grusecki; Evan Hatfield; Nancy McDaniel; Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro; Kristin Patton; Ensemble Consulting; Mary Pavia; Karen Randolph; The Saints, volunteers for the performing arts; Nick Sandys; Marilyn B. Schaffer; Lifeline Theatre; Simply It; Richard Skolly; Jeff Smalley; Steppenwolf Theatre Company; The Theatre School at DePaul University; Dona Vitale; David Weidenfeld; …and all of our wonderful volunteers throughout the year.


Every effort has been made to recognize our supporters appropriately for their generosity. We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions. If you do find an error, please contact us at 773.244.8119.