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Click below for photos from our history of think theatre. Once a picture is opened, hover your mouse over the enlarged picture to navigate through the gallery:

Greg Matthew Anderson stars in Chesapeake. Photo by Johnny Knight.Greg Matthew Anderson stars in Chesapeake. Photo by Johnny Knight.CHANGES OF HEART: Alana Arenas and Steve Wojtas (2011)CHANGES OF HEART: Linda Gillum and Nicolas Gamboa (2011)MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA: Kelsey Brennan and Luke Daigle (2011)MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA: Annabel Armour and Nick Sandys (2011)THE GOAT OR, WHO IS SYLVIA?: Nick Sandys and Will Allan (2011)THE GOAT OR, WHO IS SYLVIA?: Nick Sandys and Annabel Armour (2011)
THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST: Kelsey Brennan, Paul Hurley and Greg Matthew Anderson (2010)THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST: David Darlow and Kelsey Brennan (2010))NIGHT AND DAY: Linda Gillum and Greg Matthew Anderson (2010)NIGHT AND DAY: Shawn Douglass and Greg Matthew Anderson (2010)LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES: Linda Gillum, Nick Sandys (2010)LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES: Rebecca Spence, Margaret Katch (2010)THE ISLAND: Kamal Angelo Bolden. LaShawn Banks (2010)HEROES: David Darlow, Mike Nussbaum, Roderick Peeples (2009)
HEROES: Roderick Peeples. David Darlow, Mike Nussbaum (2009)OLD TIMES: Nick Sandys, Jenny McKnight, Linda Gillum (2009)FICTION: Nick Sandys, Jenny McKnight, Linda Gillum (2009)THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO: Kate Cares, Nick Sandys, Joe Dempsey, Mary Beth Fisher (2008)THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO: Mary Beth Fisher, Greg Matthew Anderson, Kate Cares (2008)THE VOYSEY INHERITANCE: David Darlow, Rebecca Spence, Roderick Peeples (2008)THE VOYSEY INHERITANCE: David Darlow, Raymond Fox (2008)ON THE VERGE: Susan Shunk, Rachel Sondag, Lisa Fernandez (2008)
BRONTE: Greg Matthew Anderson, Linda Gillum (2008)BRONTE: Rachel Sondag, Greg Matthew Anderson, Susan Shunk (2008)BRONTE: Patrick Clear, Linda Gillum (2008)THE PHILADELPHIA STORY: Aaron Christensen, Erica Elam, Steve Key, Grant Goodman (2007)THE PHILADELPHIA STORY: Annabel Armour, Greg Matthew Anderson, Erica Elam (2007)FICTION: Linda Gillum, David Darlow (2007)FICTION: David Darlow, Annabel Armour (2007)MRS. WARRENS PROFESSION: Annabel Armour, Susan Shunk (2007)
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