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The Island - Kamal Angelo Bolden, LaShawn Banks
Winston [Kamal Angelo Bolden] and John [LaShawn Banks]

The Island - Kamal Angelo Bolden, LaShawn Banks
Antigone [Kamal Angelo Bolden] and Creon [LaShawn Banks]

Opening Night

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Remy Bumppo Artistic Director James Bohnen with director Andrea J DymondTimeline Theatre Marketing Director Lara Goetsch and Remy Bumppo Marketing Director Stephanie KulkeThe cast of Timeline Theatres ""Master Harold..." and the boys": Daniel Bryant, Alfred H. Wilson, and Nate BurgerThe Island dramaturg Kelli Marino and actor Andrew CarterThe Island Opening Night patrons Bruce and Mary Feay, Paulette McDermot, and Diane FalkThe Island opening night attendees Judy and Gary Montgomery, Tom Berg, and Gary Redeker