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Remy Bumppo's 2014/2015 Season:


The purpose of comedy, it has been said over the centuries, should always be “to teach and to delight,” or perhaps a better way to express that would be “to enlighten as well as entertain.” Sounds like a manifesto for “think theatre”!

These three delightful plays use Comedy in very different ways: as a prickly satirical spur towards political reform; as an emotional means to reach for the mysteries of our mundane existence and to embrace one’s family; and as a mind-stretching matrix of madness through which to compare and contrast artistic and political revolutions. And yet these three plays also share a common comic purpose—to use the inspiration of laughter, whether it springs from irony, recognition, or wonder, as a means towards understanding, knowledge, and enlightenment.

Welcome to The Fun House!

Both Your Houses poster The Clean House poster Travesties poster

All shows performed at the Greenhouse Theatre, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave.
All titles and artists are subject to change.

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