Theatre's Greatest Moments Two

Theatre’s Greatest Moments II

with Peter A. Davis

Back by popular demand, here’s a new installment of Peter Davis’ delightful and informative Theatre’s Greatest Moments–GREATEST MOMENTS 2! This course covers four new eras and the ways in which theatre innovated and developed during periods of great turmoil and change. How did the ancient Romans make theatre a popular amusement for the masses? How did the Italians use theatre as a way to overcome a great plague? How did German theatre redefine the romantic movement during the height of the Age of Reason? And how did the French turn a national tragedy into an entirely new theatre that questions their very existence? Like the first course, we will once again examine the complex ways art and history merge on stage to enlighten us and ultimately define just how theatre became “theatre.”
Enrollment is open to everyone—no need to have taken the first course.


Dates: Wednesdays & Fridays, September 23, 25, 30 and October 2

Time: 1:00 – 2:30pm

Price: $60.00

How to join, link, and access information will be sent by email.

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