The Donnelley $25K Challenge

The Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation has challenged Remy Bumppo to raise donations from supporters like you.

The first $25,000 in new or increased gifts will be matched!

Remy Bumppo is raising our bar. Can you raise yours?

About the Challenge

The Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelly Foundation’s Cash Reserve Challenge is a grant that challenges us to raise $25,000 of new money. Once we reach our goal of $25,000, GDDF will match that amount which will then add an additional $50,000 in to our Board Controlled Cash Reserve.


What classifies as new money?

If you have never donated to Remy Bumppo, any gift you give today will be matched.

If you haven’t given to Remy Bumppo in two yearsany gift you give will be matched.

If you are a current donor, any gift you give over your yearly giving will be matched.


Why a cash reserve challenge?

A cash reserve is vital to any business or organization, even a non-profit theater company. By building our reserve fund, we are able to take strategic artistic risks, invest in new opportunities, and weather any economic downturns. A stable cash reserve provides the infrastructure that can better support our artistic programming.

About the Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

The Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation supports over 150 small, professional arts organizations of all disciplines with general operations grants and an array of other kinds of support to help arts partners sustain their artistry and strengthen their operations.