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By Maxwell Anderson

Directed by James Bohnen

October 1 - November 9, 2014

Greenhouse Theater Center
Featuring Artistic Associates David Darlow and Linda Gillum
and Ensemble Members Peter A. Davis and Eliza Stoughton

Congress puts the fun in dysfunctional.

1933. In Anderson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning satire, even a leading member admits Congress is a cauldron of “graft, special privilege, and corruption.” Strange expenditures for special interests abound. No surprise there. Enter a crusading young congressman, so straight he opposes a project in his own district, even probing his own campaign donors – long before Mr. Smith went to Washington. Our hero is on the verge of excising the pork when a key vote is suddenly reversed. But fear not – on the verge of defeat, the crusader comes up with a plan so outlandish it’s bound to save Congress from itself! Or is it?


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"The show moves much faster than any bill through Congress, thanks to Bohnen’s whip-smart direction.”

3 ½ stars

- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


“The timing could not be better. Nor could the play.”

- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times


“Remy [Bumppo] Theatre has shaped the play into a scintillating viewing experience – funny, suspenseful, sometimes insightful, and always entertaining.”

- Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theatre Review


The 2014/2015 Season is generously underwritten by:

Terri Abruzzo Callahan and Dave Callahan
Brenda and James Grusecki

Both Your Houses is underwritten, in part, by:

Associate Production Sponsors
Geoffrey A. Anderson
Nancy A. McDaniel

Sandra Shane-DuBow

Assistant Production Sponsors
Bruce and Mary Feay

John and Pauline Adams
Cornelia Miller
Karen Randolph and Bill Linden


David Darlow headshot
David Darlow
as Sol

Linda Gillum headshot
Linda Gillum
as Bus
Peter A. Davis headshot
Peter A. Davis
as Gray
Eliza Soughton headshot
Eliza Stoughton
as Marjorie
Chris Amos headshot
Chris Amos
as Alan
Larry Baldacci headshot
Larry Baldacci
as Levering
Jesse Dornan headshot
Jesse Dornan
as Peebles
Scott Egleston headshot
Scott Egleston
as Mark
James Houton headshot
James Houton
as Eddie
Peter Eli Johnson headshot
Peter Eli Johnson
as Merton/Ebner
Brian Parry headshot
Brian Parry
as Wingblatt
Joanna Riopelle headshot
Joanna Riopelle
as Ms. McMurty
Noah Simon headshot
Noah Simon
as Dell
Paul Tinsley headshot
Paul Tinsley
as Farnum