What are the health and safety guidelines pertaining to Covid-19 at Theater Wit?

As we head back to the stage, health and safety are of utmost importance to us and to ALL audiences, actors, crew, and staff who will be present at shows at Theater Wit. We will be following Theater Wit’s Health and Safety Guidelines in order to support safe attendance for all. To read these guidelines visit: https://www.remybumppo.org/healthguidelines/

What should I wear?
Remy Bumppo patrons dress in many different ways. Some prefer business attire, some prefer jeans. We encourage you to wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.
How do I get to the theatre?
Theater Wit is accessible by car and public transportation. For more information, visit our transportation and parking page.
How early should I get to the theatre?
The seating typically opens 20 mintues before curtain. We have assigned seating, so, if you purchased your tickets in advance, your arrival time will not affect where you sit. You will want to give yourself enough time so that you don’t feel rushed to get to your seats and have the chance to use the restrooms or make a purchase at the lobby bar.
Where will I be sitting?

If you already have purchased tickets, you should have your seat number. To see where the exact section and seat are located in the performance space, view the seating chart >

Is the theater accessible to patrons with disabilities?
Yes, the theatre is accessible to patrons with disabilities. For more information, explore our accessibility programming and accommodations >
What happens if I'm late to a show?
The house opens twenty minutes prior to the performance for seat selection. Due to capacity issues and performance requirements there is no late seating. 

If you are unable to be seated, please talk to the Theater Wit Box Office staff immediately. While all ticket sales are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, the Theater Wit Box Office issue vouchers (see below) that you can use to see a subsequent performance. Alternatively, you can convert your ticket purchase into a tax-deductible donation if your schedule doesn’t allow you to return.



Patrons with a voucher can attend any performance presented by that company. To redeem the voucher, just drop by the theater on the day of the performance and put your name on the waiting list. Theater Wit will release new tickets for the performance as soon as they’re able to, based on availability, on a first-come, first-served basis.

What if I need to exchange my ticket?
Exchanging tickets is an added benefit that we reserve for our subscribers. Read more about our ticket policies here >
Any recommendations if I'm coming by myself?
Remy Bumppo patrons are a friendly group and are enthusiastic about discussing the art. We also almost always have a Staff Host present who will be available to chat about the company and the show. Feel free to introduce yourself and make new friends!
Are there Remy Bumppo events other than plays?
We have several exciting Remy Bumppo events throughout the season such as our Spark Reading Series, Lines & Wine: Rehearsal Receptions, Annual Benefit and more. Find out more on our events page >
What's the difference between Remy Bumppo Theatre Company and Theater Wit?
Remy Bumppo Theatre Company performs at Theater Wit. Theater Wit is the performance venue. Remy Bumppo is the performer and a completely separate not-for-profit business.
Is there food or drink available at Theater Wit? Can I take food or drink into the theatre with me?
Theater Wit sells snacks and drinks at the bar located in the main lobby. Food and drinks purchased from Theater Wit may go into the theater, but outside food and drinks are not allowed. Food from other establishments can be kept cool in the refrigerator at the the bar and returned to you by house management after the show.
Are there any good restaurants near the theatre?
There are lots of great restaurants near the theatre. We also have dining partners that have special offers for Remy Bumppo patrons. See our list of dining recommendations >
What is the policy on cell phones and other electronic devices in the theatre?
Cell phones, beepers, and other noise-making devices can be distracting for the audience and the performers onstage. If you bring a cell phone or other noise-making device, please turn it off before the performance begins, and if you use it at intermission, please turn it off before re-entering the theatre.
Can I take pictures or record video in the theatre during the show?
Photography and video recording in the theatre during the performance is strictly prohibited. However, feel free to take pictures or video before the show starts or after it ends.