Remy Bumppo’s 2020-2021 Season

A Season Update from Artistic Director, Nick Sandys

I believe it is vital to our collective sanity, indeed to our society as a whole, that theatre–that wonderful, communal crucible of imagination and emotion, of darkness and light, of language and laughter–should be ready to come back strong, to once again courageously confront our questions and fears, bring us back to a sense of ourselves and our community, and celebrate our resilience and fortitude after this challenging time apart. To borrow from that Shakespearean Dane, “The readiness is all.”
Here at Remy Bumppo we have not been idle or still, as we re-thought our 24th season of “think theatre,” slated now to return in the early spring of 2021 if all goes to plan. In these ever-changing times, I am sure you were not shocked to read that our delayed season was changing too.
But now we are ready to share with you our hopes and dreams for our re-designed 2020-21 season, which will now feature two area premieres and a special, world premiere adaptation:
  • the Chicago premiere of Mat Smart’s The Agitators (rescheduled from its cancellation this spring), which feels even more timely day by day as it traces the fiery 45-year friendship of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass as they fought for civil rights–the production will be directed by Cheryl Lynn Bruce and feature Core Ensemble Member Eliza Stoughton as Susan B. Anthony and guest artist Terence Sims as Frederick Douglass;


  • the Chicago premiere of Martin Zimmerman’s On The Exhale, a hauntingly tense, one-woman psychological thriller about gun culture in contemporary America, directed by Core Ensemble Member Linda Gillum;


  • and a heart-pounding, hyper-theatrical world premiere of the classic American adventure Jack London’s The Call Of The Wild, adapted and directed by Associate Artistic Director Ian Frank (who directed our Jeff-Award-winning Frankenstein), and featuring Core Ensemble Members Greg Matthew Anderson, Terry Bell, and Aurora Real De Asua.
All inspired by real events, these three plays feature amazing examples of courage, rebellion, and resilience in the face of incredible odds or personal tragedy, illuminating our dark past and the dark recesses of the human character, yet always working towards the light. These are three timely American stories.
And we will continue our tradition of presenting these plays in conversation around a central theme–this season’s theme is “The Deep Within Us.”
No specific dates are attached at this time, as we are fully aware of the flexibility that the pandemic demands. But we will let you know as soon as we do!
In the meantime, your understanding and support are literally what keeps us going day-to-day and mean the world to us as we strive forwards with eyes on the future.
We are very excited to share these journeys into our dark side with you as we all (eventually) emerge into the light: three thrillingly written tales of wrestling with our inner demons, both societal and psychological–three wonderful reasons to go back to the theatre again.
We shall see you there!
Nick Sandys, Artistic Director
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