Remy Bumppo’s 2022-2023 Season

Remy Bumppo Theatre Company returns to the stage for its 2022-2023 season with three plays that celebrate the resilience of the human spirit, our need for creative self-expression, and the never-ending desire for emotional connection. Examining the unexpected relationships that are born in life-altering circumstances, these bold, provocative works will capture your imagination with electrifying, language-driven, funny, unique, heart-wrenching stories.

Passage by Christopher Chen, Directed by Kaiser Ahmed


by Rachel De-lahay,

directed by Mikael Burke

featuring Core Ensemble Member Terry Bell

October 12 – November 20, 2022

An American Premiere!

Olufemi hopes to return home to his family. Bashir wants to remain in the only home he knows. Kola yearns to find home in a place that’s never felt like one. Rachel De-lahay’s shattering, urgent new play looks through the eyes of immigrants, refugees, and children in conflict with the law as they fight to get home through an impossibly complex system designed to keep them out.

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion Directed by Gabrielle Randle-Bent

Anna in the Tropics

by Nilo Cruz,

directed by Laura Alcalá Baker

featuring Core Ensemble Member Charín Alvarez

February 8 – March 19, 2023

The first major revival in Chicago in 20 years!

In a Cuban American cigar factory just outside Ybor City in 1929, a charismatic lector reads Anna Karenina aloud to pass the hours. As Anna’s passions are enunciated, the workers’ hidden desires bubble to the surface, becoming a powderkeg that must eventually explode in the Florida heat. Nilo Cruz’s passionate classic shines an unrelenting light on the search for identity in the American landscape.

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion Directed by Gabrielle Randle-Bent

Galileo’s Daughter

by Jessica Dickey,

directed by Artistic Director Marti Lyons

featuring Core Ensemble Member Linda Gillum

April 5 – May 14, 2023

A World Premiere!

Rattled by a personal crisis, a playwright flees to Florence to study the letters between Galileo Galilei and his eldest daughter, Maria Celeste. Caught up in the threats against her father, Maria Celeste must abandon her work and join a convent. Alternating between timelines, Jessica Dickey’s captivating world premiere is a personal examination of faith, forgiveness and the cost of heeding one’s truth.

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