An Important Announcement from Nick Sandys, Artistic Director at Remy Bumppo Theatre Company:


As friends and loyal supporters of Remy Bumppo, I wanted to let you know personally that, after much thought and consideration, I have decided to step aside as the company’s Artistic Director, effective June 30, 2021.

I have been truly honored and fortunate to fill this position for the last 9 years, and I feel proud of the artistic and operational work we have done together, the risks we have taken, and the relationships we have built. I have personally learnt an enormous amount, from so many generous colleagues, about running a business and leading a company. And as a creative team, we have also continued to produce some great nights of “think theatre”—I have too many favorites to mention–and have collaborated with an array of wonderfully exciting artists. 

Moreover, I have shared many evenings, a myriad emotions, and so many delightful conversations with you—in the theatre, at talkbacks, or in the lobby before a performance, tucked in a corner at receptions, across the table (or zoom screen) in classes, or simply in the street when we bumped into each other. I am constantly moved, inspired, and humbled by your engagement, enthusiasm, and indeed love for Remy Bumppo and for the sacred work of theatre—all of which echoes in my heart and makes this job so thrilling and fulfilling.

But even though being an Artistic Director brings such rewards, it demands so much in return—indeed, the willing sacrifice of much of the rest of your life. I have to confess that my own joy, as you’re undoubtedly aware, comes from being a theatre artist, from creating in the room with fellow artists. And while I have certainly enjoyed producing theatre and facilitating art in others, I have been forced to create less and less art myself, both in the community and, ironically, for Remy Bumppo. So, I have decided to make this very tough choice and follow my heart. 

No decision like this is easy, particularly at this uncertain moment for the industry. But the enforced hiatus has meant that, like so many other companies, at Remy Bumppo we have been busy examining our institution from many perspectives, inside and out. This is a time of transition for all of us—and I am excited to be engaged in this important reassessment of our past and present practices, work that will continue in the coming months. I am also confident that Remy Bumppo will re-emerge healthy, sustainable, steadfast and strong. But I feel it is time to cede this seat and pave the way for new energy, ready to build the next stage.

However, I want to assure you that I am not going anywhere. Remy Bumppo, and its Chicago friends and family, are my theatre family—and always will be. I am excited to prepare for and support new leadership and new initiatives, and I plan to be here for the ride as a member of the Core Ensemble. I cannot wait to get back in the room, on the stage, and into the theatre–and to continue those delightful conversations with you. 


With deep gratitude,

Nick Sandys

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Suite 124
Chicago, IL 60613

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