About our Artistic Director Search Process

Learn more about ALJP Consulting & the Search Committee

Remy Bumppo has engaged ALJP Consulting to assist us in the search process. A leader in equitable and inclusive hiring, ALJP is coordinating all aspects of the search including circulating the job posting and screening candidates who apply.
ALJP will also be supporting the Search Committee who will identify and recommend a final candidate to the Board of Directors. The Committee is comprised of representatives from the Remy Bumppo Board, Core Ensemble, staff, Chicago theatre community, and audience who are very familiar with our work and dedicated to ushering in the next phase of our artistic life. Those individuals are:
Search Committee Chair – Joan Callahan (Board Member)
Annabel Armour (Core Ensemble)
Terry Bell (Core Ensemble)
Greg Geffrard (Chicago actor, educator)
Margaret McCloskey (Executive Director)
Zoe Quan (Remy Bumppo patron)
Marilyn Schaffer (Board Member)
George Simon (Remy Bumppo patron)
Ellen Willett (Production Manager)

Click here to read the full Artistic Director Job Description.

Visit aljpconsulting.com/apply-for-open-positions to submit your application.

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