Changes of Heart

By Marivaux
Translated by Stephen Wadsworth
Directed by Timothy Douglas
November 23, 2011 – January 8, 2012

In Marivaux’s delightfully contemporary story, Silvia is smitten with her neighborhood sweetheart, Harlequin. But the love-sick Prince steals her away and tries to win her over with his life of luxury. Will their cultures clash or will love dance across class lines? Our production of this pre-French Revolution comedy is re-set in the 1960s, revealing the timeless allure of sexy strangers.


“Successfully meshes moods of glorious silliness with deep poignancy.”
–Chicago Theater Beat

“This play has it all: dire issues, belly laughs, real characters and that over-the-top edge that makes it a fun night in live theatre!”
–Chicago Theatre Review

“A finely tuned production. The scenes between Gamboa and Gillum are pure magic!”
–Around the Town Chicago

“Stimulating discussion about the many textures of love.”
–Stage and Cinema

“An extremely intelligent work with a cast to match!”
–Chicago Theatre Review

“A wonderful theatrical experience!
–Around the Town Chicago



Director- Timothy Douglas
Assistant Director- Vincent Scott
Stage Manager- Amy M. Bertacini
Assistant Stage Manager- Alison Ramsey
Production Assistant- Charlie Rasmann
Scenic Designer- Stephen Carmody
Costume Designer- Lena Sands
Assistant to the Costume Designer- Elsa Hiltner
Lighting Designer- Lee Fiskness
Sound Designer- Nick Keenan
Properties Designer- Nick Heggestad
Production Manager- Alison Ramsey
Sound Board Operator- Nick Gajary
Set Construction/Technical Direction- Left Wing Scenic, Matt Kollar
Wardrobe Supervisor- Lisa Tosti


Shawn Douglass- Lord
Linda Gillum- Flaminia
Alana Arenas- Silvia
Nicolas Gamboa- Harlequin
Steve Wojtas- Prince
Jessica Maynard- Lisette
D’Wayne Taylor- Trivelin
Jake Szczepaniak- Ensemble