By August Strindberg
Updated by David Greig
Directed by Sandy Shinner
April 10 – June 2, 2013

Strindberg does comedy with a vengeance.

Before The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, before Ingmar Bergman, before even the phrase “Swedish noir,” came Creditors, a sexy, twisting tale of psychological manipulation and revenge. Not that Strindberg saw it that way – he told his publisher the play was “humorous, loveable, all of its characters sympathetic.”

A mysterious doctor advises a young sculptor that his marriage to an older woman is destroying not only his art but his masculinity. Determined to disprove these doubts, the young husband confronts his wife about her flirtatious behavior and starts an avalanche of acerbic wit and sexual power plays, headed to a shocking final revelation.

Creditors is the spiraling story of a ruthless psychological assault, a step-by-step march into a mental and sexual abyss. Strindberg may have seen the play as comedy, but it is humor as dark as midwinter Sweden. We’re proud to present the Midwest premiere of David Grieg’s witty new adaptation that drew raves in London and New York.


Linda Gillum
Mark L. Montgomery
Gabriel Ruiz


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