By Steven Dietz
Directed by Nick Sandys
September 27 — November 4, 2007

The only thing harder than dying with your secrets is living with them.

Michael and Linda Waterman are two successful and happily-married novelists. When they find out that Linda has only a few weeks to live, they decide to share their private diaries with one another. What Linda reads in Michael’s diary shakes the foundation of what she thought she knew about her marriage and leaves both of them questioning the nature of truth. Scathing wit collides with raw emotions as the lines blur between past and present, fact and fiction.


“Sophisticated and involving… fires on all cylinders” *Critic’s Choice*
-Chicago Tribune

“Cleverly constructed and literate in a Stoppardesque manner. The actors, under Nick Sandys’ direction, are uniformly sharp.”
-Chicago Sun Times


Production Photos


Annabel Armour- Linda Waterman
David Darlow- Michael Waterman
Linda Gillum- Abby Drake


Nick Sandys- Director
Baleigh Isaacs- Production Stage Manager
Jeremiah Mullane- Assistant Stage Manager
Linda Buchanan- Scenic Designer
Christine Pascual- Costume Designer
JR Lederle- Lighting Designer
Joshua Horvath- Sound Designer
Ross Moreno- Props Designer
Peter Davis- Production Dramaturg
Alison Ramsey- Production Manager