Love and Information

By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Shawn Douglass
September 24 – November 1, 2015

When troubleshooting fails, searching returns no hits, and there’s no app for that – who do you turn to? In her groundbreaking new play, the prolific Caryl Churchill pushes through societal firewalls and live-streams the life-long desire for human connectivity. Mirroring the fragmented mind of the post-modern age, Love and Information explores the most advanced and glitchy operating system in existence – the human brain.


David Darlow
Linda Gillum
Emjoy Gavino
Andrés Enriquez
Gregory Fenner
Raymond Fox
Jennifer Glasse
Mary Poole
Frank Sawa
Penelope Walker



“Elegant and thought-provoking…Love and Information is, in no uncertain terms, brilliant.”
– Jessie Bond, Chicago Splash Magazine

“…another piece of fresh, interesting work from one of the best mid-size theatre operations in Chicago.”
– Becky Sarwate, EDGE Media Network

“The ensemble cast is excellent.”
– Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“…very accessible…continuously entertaining…”
– Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theatre Reviews


Field Guide to Love and Information

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