Mourning Becomes Electra

By Eugene O’Neill
Adapted by Gordon Edelstein
Directed by Timothy Douglas
September 21 – October 30, 2011

We plunge into the season with O’Neill’s classic American tragedy based on the Oresteia. Desperate to free herself from her marriage and the clutches of the Mannon family curse, Christine takes a lover and murders her husband. Deeply wounded by her mother’s betrayal, young Lavinia crusades to reveal the truth and reclaim the family honor. She discovers her strength in beauty and revenge, striving for the unlikely place at the head of her family.

This shortened, action-packed revision of O’Neill’s epic, set at the end of the Civil War, hurtles us through the Mannons’ cycle of murder, vengeance, and reinvention.


“Douglas presides over a crisp, crystal-clear and quite compelling production that is honest, insightful and exceedingly well-spoken. …you certainly get gravitas.”
-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“A BRACING REVIVAL!. Brennan and Armour share some electrifying scenes, both actors impressively navigating the whirlwind emotional journeys of O’Neill’s women. 4 STARS”
– Time Out Chicago

“The end result more than lives up to the drama’s passionate promise.”
-Windy City Times

“Mourning Becomes Electra is a warhorse and a powerhouse. …the emotions were so raw, so real. The play is an epic, and it deserves an audience.”
– Will Fink, Chicago Critic

“This gutsy debut by incoming artistic director Timothy Douglas is fast-paced and compelling throughout.” RECOMMENDED
– Zach Freeman, New City

“This family intrigued me right into the finale.”
– Katy Walsh, Chicago Now

“A dignified, full-throated piece of work that reveals Douglas’ craft and his impressive skills at humanistic storytelling.” 3 Stars
-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune



Annabel Armour- Christine Mannon
David Darlow- Ezra Mannon
Nick Sandys- Cpt. Adam Brant
Scott Stangland- Orin Mannon
Kelsey Brennan- Lavinia Mannon
Stephanie Chavara- Hazel Niles
Luke Daigle- Peter Niles
Veronda G. Carey- Seth Beckwith



Director- Timothy Douglas

Assistant Director- Jim Manganello

Production Stage Manager- Amy M. Bertacini

Stage Manager- Baleigh Isaacs

Assistant Stage Manager- Alison Ramsey

Production Assistant- Kelly Montgomery

Scenic Designer- Tim Morrison, USA

Costume Designer- Samantha C. Jones

Assistant to the Costume Designer- Amanda Spaanstra

Lighting Designer- Stephen T. Sorenson

Composer and Sound Designer- Victoria (toy) DeIorio, USA

Properties Designer- Sally Weiss

Assistant Properties Designer- Cassy Shillo Fight

Director- Nick Sandys

Production Manager- Alison Ramsey

Sound Board Operator- Nick Gajary

Set Construction/Technical Direction- Left Wing

Scenic Wardrobe Supervisor- Lisa Tosti 

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