By Edward Albee
Directed by Nick Sandys
September 12 – October 14, 2012

Some escape to the sea. Some escape from it.

In Seascape, land meets sea and present meets past, when an older human couple come face to snout with their prehistoric selves. Albee’s linguistic playfulness and willingness to make his characters confront the dangerous unknown create a scenario both deeply thoughtful and absurdly funny.

Charlie and Nancy, a recently retired, happily married couple, are enjoying an afternoon on the beach, disturbed only by the occasional low-flying plane and their own arguments, when suddenly their peace and their ideas are threatened by the appearance of a younger, adventurous couple—who just happen to be of another species as well. This winner of the 1975 Pulitzer Prize displays all of Albee’s singular linguistic playfulness as well as his willingness to make his characters bravely confront their own everyday fears and face the dangerous unknown The last time Remy Bumppo tackled Albee, both the production and Annabel Armour earned Jeff Awards. This time the human relationships with animals are strictly platonic—a journey into primordial eons and emotions, where lizard brains and human pains face futures both immediate and infinite.


Director- Nick Sandys
Assistant Director- Philip W. Fusco
Dramaturg- Kate Dakota Kremer
Stage Manager- Samantha L. Symon
Assistant Stage Manager- Jennifer McClendon
Scenic Designer- Angela Weber Miller
Lighting Designer -Michael McNamara, USA
Costume Designer- Rachel Laritz, USA
Original Music and Sound Designer- Victoria (toy) DeIorio, USA
Properties Manager- Jenny Pinson
Production Manager- Jonathan Nook
Sound Board Operator- Nick Gajary
Set Construction/Technical Direction- Left Wing Scenic, Matt Kollar
Wardrobe Supervisor- Jennifer McClendon
Master Electrician- Gary Echelmeyer
Picnic Consultant- Janice O’Neill


Annabel Armour- Nancy
Patrick Clear- Charlie
Emjoy Gavino- Sarah
Sean Parris- Leslie