The Best Man

By Gore Vidal
Directed by James Bohnen
September 20 — November 5, 2006

“‘Politics’ is made up of two words – ‘Poli,’ which is Greek for ‘many,’ and ‘tics,’ which are bloodsucking insects.”
-Gore Vidal

William Russell, a wit and scholar with high liberal principles, and Joseph Cantwell, an ambitious and hard-driving senator, are in a heated race for their party’s presidential nomination. Ex-President Arthur Hockstader, who loves politics for its own sake, is determined to have the final say in the selection. Gore Vidal’s play examines the nature of people who are drawn to power, and the lengths they might go to obtain the highest office in America.


“Spike, savage, wonderfully sophisticated… [and] brilliantly insightful … a winner on every level” *Highly Recommended*
-Chicago Sun-Times

“[a] smart-eyed, no-nonsense, well-paced revival… Bohnen casts cleverly, and his smooth professionals do their things” *Critic’s Pick*
-Chicago Tribune

“Remy Bumppo Theatre Company’s consummately well-acted revival is strong enough to put this ambitious Chicago troupe on the national map”
-Wall Street Journal

“Intelligent and suspensful, The Best Man is thought-provoking entertainment for this election year” *Critic’s Choice, Highly Recommended*
-Chicago Reader


Production Photos


David Darlow- Secretary William Russell
Annabel Armour- Alice Russell
Peter Davis- Dick Jensen
Lisa Stevens- Catherine/Delegate
James Krag- Senator Joseph Cantwell
Linda Gillum- Mabel Cantwell
Greg Matthew Anderson- Don Blades
Gene Janson, Charlie Beck- Arthur Hockstader
Deana Dunagan- Mrs. Sue-Ellen Gamadge
Norm Woodel- Senator Clyde Carlin/Delegate/Second Reporter
BF Helman- Dr. Robert Artinian/Delegate/Fourth Reporter
Doug Vickers- Sheldon Marcus/Delegate
Vance Smith- First Reporter/Delegate
Heather Corallo- Third Reporter/Delegate


James Bohnen- Director
Patia Bartlett- Stage Manager
Baleigh Isaacs- Assistant Stage Manager
Tim Morrison- Scenic Designer
Cybele Moon- Costume Designer
Lindsay Jones- Sound Designer
Rich Norwood- Lighting Designer
Ann Meilahn- Props Designer
Alison Ramsey- Production Manager